Sweety the blind cow is out of danger
Written by Sylvie Leboeuf   
Thursday, 16 January 2014 21:46
Refuge RR for horses has rescued a blind cow from being sent to the slaughter house. After two weeks of stress and negotiations, Sweety's life is  safe and sound at the veterinary hospital where they have already given her two warm baths, medication to help her increase her appetite and supplements to help her get stronger. She is blind, extremely thin and weak from years of neglect while she was expected to have babies and produce unnatural amounts of milk. Once Sweety is feeling better and has passed all the necessary testing she will be on her way to an amazing home at the Farm Sanctuary in NY, USA.

We are asking for donations to help cover the veterinary and transport bills to ~HELP GET SWEETY TO HER NEW HOME~

Donations can be made by credit card through Canada Helps or by sending a cheque to Refuge RR for Horses (see mailing address at the bottom of the page)



Sweety at the dairy farm

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Sweet at the veterinary hospital

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